Bride Cancels Wedding After Soliciting $30,000 In Donations From Friends & Family To Pay For It

A bride-to-be has angered friends, family, and total strangers after she revealed that she was canceling her upcoming winter wedding that she’d collected more than $30,000 in donations to fund. While she insisted she was simply “rescheduling,” her reasons for doing so were unclear as were her plans for the money.

Scroll down to read more about the story and see screencaps of the Facebook thread where it all kicked off.

  1. Instead of getting married, she’s… going on vacation with her fiance. The bride, whose name is Pam, tried to assure those who had donated to her wedding fund that she was still putting the cash to good use by going on an elaborate honeymoon… before they’re even married. I’m not sure what kind of honeymoon costs $30,00, but the bride said that after she and the groom “regain financial stability” after their fully funded vacation, then they might think of rescheduling the actual wedding.
  2. She actually had the nerve to ask for more money. While most rational people realize that $30,000 is a down payment on a house or even a whole new car, it’s not quite enough for Pam, who welcomed further donations since “weddings are expensive.” Yes, seriously.
  3. Needless to say, people weren’t happy. Many people accused Pam of theft of funds, which they’re not around about, and a lot of them wanted their money back in full since they donated for a wedding, not an elaborate vacation on their dime. Others revealed that they’d already arranged time off of work and booked travel on top of having their donation squandered, which made things even worse.
  4. Her rich uncle even threatened to sue her. He apparently gave her $12,000 for her wedding and now that she’s basically absconding with the funds, he’s ready to take her to court if he doesn’t get his cash back. “You aren’t responding to my calls or texts so I’m just going to tell you,” he addressed Pam on the thread. “You are to return my more than generous $12,000 donation on behalf of the [redacted] family in one week. If on 11/13/2019 I do not see the money, IN CASH, in my bank account, I will be seeing you in court. This is unacceptable and is betrayal towards your family members.”
  5. Pam thinks she’s above criticism. Given the many negative responses she was receiving, Pam felt the need to hop back in the thread and point out that everyone was being super mean to her. “All, please calm down. You’re making me feel very attacked and hanged up on. You chose to DONATE to ME,” she wrote. “If I want to use the money, who cares how? I Told you the wedding is getting rescheduled not canceled.”
  6. She got downright brazen with her responses. Pam told her rich uncle that he should be fine with his $12,000 being used for “various undisclosed personal purposes” and that she couldn’t possibly be scamming her family because if she was, she would have been more sneaky about it. However, not long after she responded to an angry friend with a rather taunting reply. Basically, you gave me your money, so your loss. “You have the wrong idea. Actually as long as your gift left your bank account and into mine with your own consent, how is it any of your business how I actually spend that money?” Pam wrote. “It’s going to a pre-wedding honeymoon and then some of the extra will fund an even more extravagant wedding. So I wanted to cancel. But I really don’t need to tell you what I’m using it for, now did I.”
  7. Finally, Pam had enough and decided to go offline. She stopped answering calls and texts from concerned and angry friends and family members and claimed that she was so distraught that Edward – that’s the fiance, by the way – had to take her to urgent care, the bill for which was $765. Now, she needs to take “an extra week off life in order to recover,” during which time she doesn’t want anyone contacting her and asking for the money she stole. In the meantime, she welcomes any donations of spa or personal care items to be sent directly to her home if you actually care about her.
  8. Take her to court, rich uncle! In fact, everyone else should join in so it’s a group lawsuit and the bride ends up even more broke than when she started! Wouldn’t that be fun?

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