Adult Film Star Bridget The Midget Faces Prison For Stabbing Boyfriend With Butter Knife

Adult Film Star Bridget The Midget Faces Prison For Stabbing Boyfriend With Butter Knife Clark County Detention Center

An adult film star who goes by the name Bridget the Midget could face up to 15 years in prison after she stabbed her boyfriend Jesse James in the leg with a butter knife upon finding him with another woman.

  1. She’s facing serious charges. Bridget, real name Cheryl Murphy, is facing a slew of charges following the incident in Las Vegas last month, including battery with the use of a deadly weapon constituting domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon.
  2. Authorities believe it was intentional. According to TMZ, Murphy entered James’ apartment with the sole purpose of assaulting him. She claimed she lived in the property with James, but another woman who was present was heard shouting, “No, she does not, she’s trying to stab my boyfriend to death, please call the cops.”
  3. Infidelity was behind it. Murphy and James allegedly got in a massive fight when she discovered that he was sleeping with someone else, causing Murphy to fly into a jealous rage. After stabbing James in the leg with the butter knife, they managed to remove Murphy from the apartment, at which time she apparently threw a BBQ grill through the front window of the property.
  4. James claims they weren’t even together. According to what he told police, James admitted to sleeping with Murphy over the past few years but insisted that they don’t live together and weren’t in a monogamous relationship. He said he and the woman who was at his apartment at the time of the stabbing had been out drinking and came home to sleep. When he awoke, Murphy was stabbing him in the leg.
  5. Murphy admitted to guilt. She never denied stabbing James, and in fact said she was guilty and deserves to go to jail. Whether she deserves 15 years is a whole other matter – I would say not – and will be for a court to decide.
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