Is Bringing A Gun On A First Date Normal? This Guy On Tinder Seems To Think So

Generally speaking, first dates are all about getting to know someone new to see if you have chemistry and if a relationship is on the cards. What they’re not about is coming armed and ready for a fight. Unfortunately, one woman got a nasty surprise when a guy she’d been chatting with on Tinder for a while was insistent about bringing a gun on their first date despite there being no actual need to do so. How is this appropriate?

  1. Concealed carry is legal in their state. The woman, who asked for feedback about her bizarre (and kinda scary!) situation on Reddit’s TwoXChromosomes sub, said that concealed carry is legal in their state and that generally speaking, she doesn’t really have an opinion on it. “I’m not scared of guns or have strong feelings against them,” she explained, adding that she did, however, ask the guy not to bring his piece to their first meeting.
  2. Would you feel safe on a date with a guy with a gun? The woman said that she asked the man to respect her “safety preferences” by leaving his gun at home, which makes total sense. No woman would want to be on a date with a total stranger who’s armed and potentially dangerous. Not only that, but what would you even need a gun for on a first date? They’re not exactly in the Wild West.
  3. The guy got really upset when the woman objected to him bringing a gun on their first date. Instead of respecting her (very understandable) request and going along with it, the woman said that “he got very upset and insists he’s going to bring it.” Yikes! He claimed that her request was “disrespecting his boundaries” and left him feeling “unsafe.” It’s unclear why exactly he would be in danger by not having a gun at a restaurant or bar (or wherever they were going to meet up), but OP didn’t share that info.
  4. He refused to budge on not bringing the gun. While the woman did compromise and say that she wouldn’t mind the man taking advantage of the concealed carry policy on future dates and that she would be happy to hold their first meeting in a place where he felt more secure, the guy passed on her overly kind offers and said if he couldn’t bring his gun on their initial date, he wasn’t going on one with her. Looks like this one turned out for the best.
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