He Broke My Heart But I Took Him Back Anyway

Lots of people would probably think that getting back together with the guy who broke your heart is a terrible idea, but for me, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This is why I’m glad my boyfriend and I got back together despite the trouble we had in the past:

  1. He’s my best friend. He isn’t just the lover in my life — he’s my best friend. He’s been there for years and has continued to show how valuable his friendship is to me. He’s the first person I go to for advice, the first person I share good news with, and the only one whose opinion affects me the most (besides my mom’s). It’s hard to move on when you’re invested in more than just a romantic relationship.
  2. I tried moving on. But it didn’t work. Once we broke it off and I realized I had to focus on moving on with my life, I just couldn’t. It was as if all the bad things in my head slowly started drifting away and I realized I missed him more than anything. All the bad things that happened when we were together just didn’t seem to matter anymore.
  3. I couldn’t get him out of my head. Even when I tried to experiment and see if I could have a decent conversation with another guy or see if I was attracted to anyone else, all I saw was him. Even just going about my day — running errands, reading, watching movies, and laughing — he always came up at some point. It’s like my brain couldn’t fathom life without him in it.
  4. No guy compares to him. Trying to talk to other guys was impossible, especially because I always compared them to him. Any stupid, offensive remark they’d make would make me roll my eyes and think “he would never say that.” I couldn’t really put myself out there and enjoy another’s company when I was constantly reminded of the man I’d rather be with.
  5. He’s completely changed. Despite what he’s done to break my heart initially, he’s changed so much. I was never really a big believer that people can change all that much, but I was proven wrong. The man that stands in front of me is completely different and has made changes all for the better. And he didn’t just make these changes for me — he made them for himself.
  6. He couldn’t be more sorry for his mistakes. Apologies sometime aren’t enough, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it. I think when a guy can truly own up to his mistakes and even become vulnerable, it means he really cares and is deeply sorry for what he did. It’s hard not to hear him out.
  7. He’s made up for a lot of what he did. Not only did he apologize, but he’s actually made me forget what used to make me so angry. If a guy can make a girl almost forget about what broke her heart in the first place, than he’s surely doing something right.
  8. He’s all in. I know now that he is in this for the long run and wants to do anything possible to make it work. He’s made it clear what his intentions are, and I trust him more than ever. He has plans, goals, visions and hopes for the future and he wants me to be a part of it. He wants us to be happy.
  9. We love each other. All in all, we never stopped loving each other even when we were apart. Sometimes, the people who love you the most hurt you, but they’ll always make up for it if they truly care. No one is perfect, and you have to learn to forgive the ones you love. I’m glad I learned to do that, and I’m glad I got my best friend back.
  10. Sometimes time apart is for the better. I always believed that if you were supposed to be with someone, then you would never break up. Now I know that it just isn’t true, because time apart for my relationship is probably what saved it. My heart had time to heal, and now I’m ready to go forward in love.
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