Brothers Attack Mother’s Killer In Courtroom After He Pleads Guilty

Brothers Attack Mother’s Killer In Courtroom After He Pleads Guilty WFMJ

Losing a parent is difficult at any age and under any circumstances. However, knowing your mother was murdered by her former partner makes this loss sting even more. It’s no wonder, then, that when Dale Williams Sr pleaded guilty to the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart, in an Ohio courtroom, the victim’s sons couldn’t contain their anger.

  1. Dale Williams Sr had no qualms about admitting what he’d done. He stood before a judge during his sentencing hearing in June 2017 in Youngstown and seemed unrepentant about his horrific crime. Pledger-Stewart’s sons, Jerome Stewart and Anthony Dees, launched an attack over the table that separated them from their mother’s killer.
  2. The whole thing was caught on camera. One of the sons springs into action first and is tackled by law enforcement as he attempts to reach Williams. That’s when the other brother stands up and gets involved, hitting Williams repeatedly as officers tried to separate the men. It was only when the brothers were tasered by police that they stopped their attack.
  3. Stewart and Dees got in big trouble. For attacking Dale Williams Sr, Stewart and Dees were arrested for assault, obstructing official business, and contempt of court. “He killed my mama. She took care of me, bro,” one of the brothers said after the arrest. No doubt neither has any regrets about what happened that day. They likely only regret not having gotten further.
  4. Williams deserves every bit of punishment he gets. He and the victim were no longer together, but he still hunted her down, crashed into her car to stop her, and then shot her to death repeatedly in broad daylight. He pleaded guilty to the murder and was given 23 years behind bars. He showed no reaction to his sentence and didn’t seem to care about taking the victim from her family.
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