Bud Light Has Released Heart-Shaped Boxes Of Beer For Valentine’s Day

Bud Light Has Released Heart-Shaped Boxes Of Beer For Valentine’s Day Bud Light

Whether you love love and celebrate every Valentine’s Day or you think it’s a super lame holiday, one thing’s for sure: any occasion to indulge in chocolate and alcohol is alright by me. That’s why I feel like the new heart-shaped boxes full of Bud Light are perfect for couples and singletons alike because it’s never a bad time for beer.

  1. Never has a 12-pack been more romantic. Sure, you could just pick up a regular case of Bud Light this Valentine’s Day, but if you really want to take the romance level to 100, the heart-shaped boxes released especially for the February 14 holiday are the way to do it.
  2. There’s poetry to enjoy too. It’s not enough that the boxes are red and heart-shaped, Bud Light has also thought of putting a sweet Valentine’s Day poem on the box as well. “Roses are red, Bud Light is blue…” reads the verse. It’s short but sweet, and you can fill in the rest yourself. “Throw me a beer and you can have one too” sound good?
  3. Sadly, the beer is sold separately. While you’ll need to grab a 12-pack of Bud Light from your local store, the heart-shaped box can be ordered online for $24.99. “Give the Bud Light lover in your life a gift they can drink this Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped box outfitted to hold 12 ice cold Bud Lights!” the product description says. Okay, okay, I’ll take it!
  4. You’ll need something to wash down those Cheddar Bay Biscuits, right? If you’ve been considering what drink to eat with your Valentine’s Day meal this year — Red Lobster biscuits, Hooters wings, Olive Garden breadsticks, etc. — why not go with Bud Light? You’ll have a few extras left over for another night and you’ll get a nice, pleasant buzz. What better way to spend the day?
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