Bundles Of Cocaine And Weed Keep Washing Up On The Coast Of The Florida Keys

Generally speaking, drug dealers and traffickers are very precious about their cargo and won’t let it out of their sights easily. That’s why it’s so perplexing that bundles full of cocaine and weed keep washing up on the coastline of the Florida Keys. While “good samaritans” have been finding them and alerting police to their presence, the question of where the bundles are coming from remains.

  1. So far, more than 25 bundles have washed up. According to US Border Patrol’s Miami Sector, a total of 10 pounds of cocaine and 15 pounds of marijuana have turned up on the coast in the last week alone. It’s believed that these parcels may be related to several other high-volume drug busts that have been made lately.
  2. Earlier this month, boaters discovered a boatload of cocaine. A large number of bags of cocaine, each weighing 1.1kg, was discovered in early May. That discovery followed a similar and even larger one in April, in which a shipment with 73 pounds of cocaine worth $1.7 million was found just floating around in a sack off Key Largo, US Border Patrol spokesperson Andy Hoffman revealed to the Miami Herald.
  3. There are a lot of drugs in the waters off Florida. Following the April incident, another boater in Middle Keys discovered a massive garbage sack floating in the water. It was later found to contain 62 pounds of marijuana worth $100,000. Rewind a few months back to December 2020 and a snorkeler found 25 bricks of cocaine bobbing around Craig Key, according to CBS Miami. These incidents may all be unrelated, but they all prove that Florida is a major point of drugs entering and leaving the US.
  4. All of the drug packages that have been discovered were turned over to US Border Patrol. The agency issued a statement that said: “We are grateful for the community’s support to our border security mission here in Florida.”

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