Bunny Rabbit Succulents Exist And They’re Not Just For Easter

Succulents are some of the best plants to keep around the house. Not only are they super easy to care for, they can be really beautiful and really liven up your living space. However, I bet you didn’t know they can be downright adorable too, did you? Well, bunny rabbit succulents exist and they’re super cute.

  1. The technical name for the plant is Monilaria obconica. Yes, it would be great if they were actually called bunny rabbit succulents but alas, it’s not to be. But what does a name matter when these adorable little plants really do look like bunnies with their little ears poking up? The plants are native to South Africa, though they’re pretty easy to care for anywhere as long as they have plenty of water, good drainage, and a cool climate.
  2. The ears are even fuzzy! It’s a nice touch by nature in making these adorable plants even cuter. Bunny rabbit succulents are THE must-have Easter plant, but they’ll be adorable all year long.
  3. Unfortunately, they don’t stay quite so cute forever. The issue with bunny rabbit succulents is that while they’re incredibly cute particularly at first, the “ears” do continue to grow longer and longer while the little base, or the “head,” stays exactly the same. That does take away some of the charm, but they’re still pretty cool plants.
  4. You can buy seeds to plant your own. Etsy seller WorldOfSeeds has a pack of 30 Monilaria obconica seeds available for about $13 so you can plant them and grow your own bunny rabbit succulents at home. You might have to do your own research on how to plant and care for them as they grow since many reviewers say the seeds don’t come with instructions, but if you have a green thumb, this could be a cool project.
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