Taylor Swift Fans Are Wearing Adult Diapers So They Don’t Miss Any Songs During Her 3+ Hour Concert


https://www.tiktok.com/@therealkatherine/video/7213119370648653098I think we’ve all established by now that a good portion of Swifties is absolutely nutters. There are no lengths they won’t go to for their queen. They hang onto her every syllable, so much so that many Taylor Swift fans are wearing adult diapers to go see the Eras Tour so that they don’t have to miss a single song if they have to go to the toilet.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to give Swift her due. The “Lavender Haze” performs songs from all of her 10 albums in a concert that spans more than three hours long. She wants to make sure the audience gets their money’s worth, which is cool. However, it means if you have a weak bladder or drink a bit too much, you’re going to have to dip out of the stadium to the toilet. That’s where the diapers come in.

TikToker @madelinedolaway posted a video this week in which she showed herself helping a friend strap herself into some adult diapers to get ready for the concert. Her gold slinky dress covered the diapers well, to be fair. And hey, it’s not like she was alone. Plenty of Swifties took to the video-sharing site to reveal that they too popped on a diaper so they could piss themselves in peace without missing a single song in Taylor’s set.


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“The diaper rash and trench foot was worth this moment of Taylor looking right at us,” one fan wrote of the show she attended, which was held in the pouring rain. Another fan posted a video of herself at the concert and captioned her video with “no one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this.” We do now!

I would probably just hit up the bathroom if I really had to go, but hey, if adult Taylor Swift fans are happy wearing diapers, good for them.


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