New Netflix Rom-Com ‘The Wrong Missy’ Is Being Called So Bad It’s Good

New Netflix Rom-Com ‘The Wrong Missy’ Is Being Called So Bad It’s Good Netflix

While Netflix is known for it’s stellar, high-quality programming, there’s no use denying that there are a few duds on there. Their new rom-com, The Wrong Missy, is… not great on the surface. The script isn’t stellar, David Spade is in it (enough said), and there are far better movies in the genre. However, this movie has the unique position of being so bad it’s really good.

  1. Lauren Lapkus is a definite highlight. If you’ve never seen Lauren Lapkus before or you feel like you’ve heard her name but can’t remember what she’s been in, I recommend Hot in Cleveland, Orange is the New Black, Jurassic World, Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Key & Peele… the list goes on and on. She’s REALLY funny and she’s definitely the saving grace of this movie.
  2. The Wrong Missy is actually from Adam Sandler’s production company. That should tell you all you need to know, but I had no idea when I saw the movie advertised on Netflix’s home screen and turned it on. However, it did make a lot of sense when I found out.
  3. The plotline is pretty ridiculous (and therefore perfect). Tim (Spade) and Missy (Lapkus) are thrust together when he invites her on a work retreat with him years after they share a terrible blind date simply because her name is the same as the girl he really likes. It’s super slapstick and really dumb which kinda makes it great to me but the critics don’t really agree…
  4. It has a 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s pretty low and means pretty much everyone agrees that Netflix’s The Wrong Missy is terrible. In fact, one critic from the LA Times described it as “the kind of movie it is difficult to suggest one actually choose to watch.” Yikes! That’s harsh.
  5. Viewers are a little more generous, however. The general public gave The Wrong Missy 57%, which isn’t great but isn’t quite as dire as 23%. Everyone knows this isn’t Netflix’s great successes but people are still getting a laugh out of it. “I had been wanting a good hard laugh and this movie had me laughing pretty much nonstop,” one person wrote. “My abs were sore after. Lauren Lapkus is hilarious!”

The Wrong Missy is available to stream on Netflix now, if you dare. You never know, you just might get a a few laughs out of it!

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