Evil ‘Karen’ Mask Will Make You The Scariest Halloween Villain Ever

If there’s one term that’s really gained traction in 2020 for the most terrible reasons, it’s Karen. The popular women’s name has become synonymous with someone who’s rude, difficult, and very likely racist/homophobic/and any other number of judgmental and discriminatory descriptors. We’ve all encountered Karens and maybe we even know one perfectly. Now, you can even get an evil Karen mask to become the most terrifying Halloween villain ever!

The masks are handmade by Jason Adcock. The Los Angeles-based special effects artist has put his talents to good use here, selling the Karen masks just in time for Halloween via the Etsy store Kamora Costumes. This is just what we needed!

The level of detail on these masks is insane. This is some next-level Karen stuff here, people. She’s not just mad, she’s positively fuming because she’s asked to speak to your manager three times already and he’s had the gall to tell her he’s busy with another customer and she’ll have to wait to moan about the fact that they only had Splenda in-store rather than Truvia for her coffee. She’s so infuriated that her eyes are red, her hair seems to have grown three inches in volume, and her teeth are nearly rotting out of her mouth from the bile coming up from her stomach.

The entire thing is hand-made. Adcock sculpts, molds, casts, paints, and finishes the latex masks himself, including putting on the hair, which might vary in shade but is always blonde, according to the item description. The level of work that goes into them means that each mask takes three to four weeks to make and deliver, but something tells me that’s worthwhile!

This really is “the scariest thing you can be this Halloween.” If becoming a Karen for Halloween is something that sounds downright terrifying to you and you want one of these masks, you can order on Adcock’s Etsy store HERE. The masks sell for $180 and there’s pretty high demand, so you should get your order in now to be ready for the end of October!

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