Burger King Will Let You Trade A Pic Of Your Ex For A Free Whopper On Valentine’s Day

Burger King Will Let You Trade A Pic Of Your Ex For A Free Whopper On Valentine’s Day MULLENLOWE

While McDonald’s fries will always reign supreme in my eyes, Burger King is the clear winner when it comes to burgers. If you love their burgers and have a spare photo of your horrible ex that you want to get rid of, head over to BK with the pic this Valentine’s Day and you can get a free Whopper for your trouble in select markets.

burger king free whopperMULLENLOWE

  1. The offer is a Birds of Prey tie-in. If you’re not familiar with Birds of Prey, it’s the upcoming movie focused entirely on Harley Quinn, one of the villains in the Batman universe. The “breakup boxes” will contain advertising for the movie and all you have to do is stuff the photo of your ex in one of them and voila, free Whopper.
  2. No picture? No problem. If you’re smart and got rid of every trace of your terrible ex, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a free Burger King Whopper. This is why Instagram and Facebook exist—just print one out and you’re good to go!
  3. Unfortunately, the offer is only available in select markets. The free Whopper offer isn’t available at all Burger King locations nationwide. Instead, you’ll be able to claim yours at stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston.
  4. If you don’t live in one of those cities, you can still get a bargain. If you download the Burger King app, they’ll be launching an in-app quiz featuring five questions. If you get 80% of them correct, or four of the five questions, you’ll get a coupon for a $3 Whopper. More expensive than free but cheaper than you would pay otherwise, so it’s still worth doing.
  5. Finally, your ex is good for something! They may have given you nothing but grief while you were together, but knowing you can trade their memory in for some free food is somewhat comforting, don’t you think?
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