This Burned-Out House In Massachusetts Is On The Market For $400,000

The housing market is a mess, as we all know, with property prices through the roof and the chances of getting on the ladder seeming more impossible than ever. In case your faith in the system hasn’t been entirely shattered just yet, you might want to check out this fire-damaged house in Massachusetts that’s on the market for a whopping $399,000 despite being completely unlivable.

It’s being sold “as is.” While you would expect a house like this to be bulldozed since it’s basically not even a house anymore, that’s not the case here. The building, on Berkeley Street in Melrose, was burnt to a crisp and had its windows blown out after an August fire and hasn’t had any repairs since. However, it’s still got an asking price of just under $400k.

It needs a “complete renovation.” As the listing states, the house in question “is in need of a complete renovation or a potential tear down and rebuild. Buyer to do due diligence. House is being sold as-is.” Yes, this is serious.

I’m sure it was previously a nice house… The house in question was a three-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home with 1,857 square feet on a 4,500 square foot lot. It was built in 1960, which would have been ideal… had it not been completely and utterly destroyed beyond recognition or use.

Properties in Massachusetts have been skyrocketing. This listing is just one such example of this trend. In fact, single-family homes in the state are averaging at $552,000 at the moment and rising, which makes this whole thing even more depressing. What’s worse is that it’ll probably even sell!

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