Woman Disguises Herself As Bush To Witness Sister’s Engagement

When someone you’re close to is getting engaged, it’s natural to want to be part of that moment. This is especially the case when that someone is your sister, and one woman was so intent on being there for the special occasion that she disguised herself as a bush to do it


Therese Merkel is DEDICATED. There’s only one year between Therese and her sister Rachel, but as Therese pointed out, their lives are pretty different. Rachel is ready to be someone’s wife while Therese is happy to wrap herself up in twigs and leaves so she can video her sister’s engagement. That’s dedication!

She helped plan the engagement. Therese, 23, told People that she knew Rachel’s boyfriend Andrew was planning to ask Rachel to marry him and he enlisted Therese to help. “We had an hour-long phone call where he asked for my approval to be wed and then come up with something great for this huge moment,” Therese explained. “Me and my sister are incredibly close, so I’m like the second string of parents he has to go through. We didn’t make it easy.”

Yes, posing as a bush was part of the master plan. Andrew and Therese checked out Picnic Point in Madison, where the engagement was to ultimately take place, and after going through several possible scenarios for the occasion, they settled on the bush plan. “We thought [a fake injury] was too aggressive,” Therese explained. “But then I was like, ‘LOL, what if I was a bush?’ We geeked and Andrew is the one who really ran with it.”

Andrew even bought her a costume for the occasion. He hit up Amazon and found the perfect costume to help Therese disguise herself so she could video the engagement. I have to say, it worked pretty well! “While I was hiding, I had the perfect view to the whole thing. Andrew knew I was hiding and wasn’t even sure I was there when he walked down — that’s how baller this suit was,” Therese said.

Her sister was shocked to see her. Rachel obviously accepted Andrew’s proposal and after letting them enjoy the moment, Therese popped out yelling, “She said yes!” It was an intense moment for Rachel, who seemed to have no idea what was going on. “Rachel was very confused and I was legit crying tears of joy because of how special the whole event was,” Therese recalled. “I wore the suit the full mile hike back, and every time I passed people, I used a man voice to say, ‘I’m a bush,’ similar to a [Guardians of the Galaxy character] Groot vibe, but with more aggression. I was laughing my buns off.”

This is the best sister relationship ever. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up like a bush to see their sister get engaged? Therese and Rachel are truly inspiring!

Therese Merkel/Twitter

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