This Butter Knife Will Help You Make Perfect Toast Every Single Time

If you’re sick of trying to spread freezing cold butter on your toast only to tear holes in the bread and want to throw the plate across the room, you’re in luck. This butter knife will help you make perfect toast every single time even if you forget to take the Kerrygold out of the fridge.

  1. It has several different functions. Not only will it spread your butter, it can also scoop it, cut it, and curl it. By breaking cold butter down into smaller, shredded pieces, it’ll melt much easier when your toast pops out of the toaster. It can also be helpful for if you’re making pastry and need smaller bits to spread through.
  2. It has an ergonomically correct handle. That means it’s comfortable to hold and won’t make your hand feel like it’s broken by the time you finish. Obviously you won’t need to be using it for hours on end, so it’s not as if a regular butter knife is terrible in this regard, but it’s still an awesome bonus feature. 
  3. It won’t take up much room in the kitchen. Seriously, it’s a butter knife, so it can go into your utensil drawer with everything else. You won’t need to clear up storage space for it or get rid of anything else to add it to your collection, so it’ll fit right in. 
  4. Toast is serious business. I don’t know about you but I don’t joke when it comes to toast. I want it to be delicious and perfect every single time. While in an ideal world, I’d remember to take the butter out of the fridge in advance and it would spread evenly, that often doesn’t happen. Getting this knife has taken my toast game to the next level. 
  5. It actually works! This knife, made by Divipal, has plenty of competition from other brands. However, all of those get three-star reviews at best while Divipal’s version gets a full five stars from all of its verified Amazon purchasers. Not only that but it’s a whole $2 cheaper than its closest competitors, so it’s a bargain on multiple levels! 

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