Buzz From Home Alone Arrested After ‘Strangling And Punching His Girlfriend For Giving Away His Autograph For Free’

Buzz From Home Alone Arrested After ‘Strangling And Punching His Girlfriend For Giving Away His Autograph For Free’ Midwest City Jail

Actor Devin Ratray, who infamously played Buzz in Home Alone, was arrested on Wednesday for domestic assault after he allegedly punched and strangled his girlfriend for giving away his autograph for free. The 44-year-old made a guest appearance at OKC Pop Christmas Con in Oklahoma with his girlfriend but became angry when she failed to charge two female fans for his signature, Deadline reports.

  1. Ratray had been drinking at the time. The incident happened while the couple was out at a local bar drinking after the convention. It was later reported that Ratray had drunk a “bottle of wine” as well as “several shots of alcohol.” Two women came over and asked for Ratray’s autograph and his girlfriend handed over two signed cards for free. This became an argument that exploded later that night.
  2. He became violent back at the hotel. When the couple returned to their hotel later that night, Ratray is said to have began choking his girlfriend. As Detective Joseph Burnett of the Oklahoma City Police Department wrote in a report: “[The] victim had trouble breathing while she was being strangled and while the defendant’s hand was over her mouth.”
  3. Ratray’s girlfriend managed to get away from him. However, when she freed herself from his grip, he continued his assault on her. She ran towards the door but the actor allegedly punched her in the face before she got out.
  4. Charges have now been officially filed against Ratray. Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Powers filed charges for domestic assault and battery by strangulation, a felony, and domestic assault and battery, a misdemeanor, against Ratray in Oklahoma County District Court on December 21.
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