If He Calls Himself A “10,” Here’s Why He’s Actually A Fat Zero

Confidence is like perfume: a bit of it can be sexy as hell, but wear too much and you’ll piss off everyone around you. An overconfident guy who thinks he’s a 10 is actually not worth dating, even if he’s hot AF and seems like an amazing catch. His overconfidence will make your life a living hell, sooner rather than later. Here are 14 things you can expect from dating him.

  1. He’ll start to look ugly AF. A guy who thinks he’s a 10 is clearly full of himself and arrogant AF. That can make the hottest guy in the room look like a total loser. Don’t believe me? Go try it out. Spend some time talking to the hottest guy at a party who also happens to be arrogant and you’ll see that his self-absorbed personality will make him start to look ugly.
  2. He’s all about what’s outside. This guy will probably focus on and prioritize appearances. That makes him superficial and he’s likely to think he’s too good for anyone else. Ugh.
  3. He’s an insecure kid inside. He might seem like a confident, gorgeous, charming guy, but if he’s vain, you can bet that inside he’s messed up with insecurities. By being overconfident, he’s really just overcompensating for how badly he feels about himself.
  4. He’ll burn up your phone with gym selfies. A guy who thinks he’s so hot is probably used to having lots of women falling over him. It’s gone to his head and he’ll want to show off, such as by sending you loads of gym selfies so that you can drool over his six-pack. What a loser!
  5. He’s probably not as great as he thinks. Sorry to say, but when a guy acts like he’s the best thing since mayonnaise, you’ll find it hard not to search for things that make him less appealing. It’s weird how that happens. It’s like when a guy’s shy and humble, all his great qualities suddenly become even more amazing. The opposite happens with an arrogant guy. All his flaws will be screaming at you.
  6. He’s probably selfish. A guy who’s arrogant thinks a lot about himself. That probably means that he’s going to be selfish. Don’t be surprised when he constantly talks about himself and ignores you, or makes his life more important than yours.
  7. If he’s hot af, you’re in trouble. There’s something to be said for hot guys. Sure, they’re appealing but they don’t always have great track records when it comes to romance. Research published in the Wall Street Journal has found that hot, masculine men tend to make really bad husbands. That’s because they have more testosterone which makes them more likely to get divorced or cheat. Yikes!
  8. He’s a bragging bastard. Vain guys tend to brag about how great they are and how many women they’ve had. It’s all about trying to impress you and feel better about themselves. Ugh. It’s nauseating.
  9. He’s super picky. Having high dating standards isn’t a bad thing unless they’re ridiculous AF. A self-absorbed guy who thinks he’s the bee’s knees is probably going to be very picky because he thinks that no one’s good enough for him. He needs to get over himself already.
  10. He shouldn’t have to say it. If he really was so amazing, it would show. He wouldn’t have to go around advertising it, FFS. Do you feel the need to tell people that you’ve got blue eyes or that you have brown hair? No, because they can see it for themselves. The same applies to a guy who’s a catch. If he’s really a catch, it’ll show.
  11. He’s high-maintenance. He works hard to be perfect. Groan. When it comes to his looks, that might mean taking lots of time to perfect his hair and skin, or going to the gym every day. He spends lots of time on himself, but the problem isn’t that. The problem is that he’s spending so much time on himself that he doesn’t have time for a relationship. He’s too in love with himself.
  12. He’s a narcissist. If he loves himself so much, you’re probably dealing with a narcissist. Everything’s always about him. He only cares about things that affect him. He controls every conversation. He thinks people either love him or want to be him. There’s clearly no room in this picture for you.
  13. He doesn’t see beyond the mirror. A guy with an ego the size of Texas isn’t going to get it through his head that you have your own ideas, wants, thoughts, and life plans. He’s going to think that his way is the best way, which makes dating him a total nightmare. Good luck trying to deal with this guy who doesn’t see that other people exist in the world.
  14. He can’t take criticism. He won’t stand for criticism, even when it comes out in a genuine, constructive way. In his eyes, he’s perfect. Everyone else, on the other hand, is to blame for what’s wrong in his life or has issues that they need to deal with. If he thinks he’s a perfect 10, he’s above everyone else. Or so he thinks. The truth is, he’d do well to take some criticism and stop being such a jerk. Damn.


Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.