This Campfire Smoke Candle Will Make You Feel Cozy & Ready For Fall

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking seasonally. The weather will be getting cooler, which means hoodies come out of storage, comfort food is back in, and perhaps most importantly, your fall candles are ready to be burned again! If you’re especially excited for the latter, may I recommend this campfire smoke soy candle be added to your collection?

Who doesn’t love the smell of a campfire? You won’t be going camping when the weather gets colder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the glorious smell of a burning fire and chilly, dark woods in the comfort of your own home. This candle actually smells like the real thing—I was shocked when I first lit it!

Burning scented candles is one of the best parts of autumn. I know you can totally burn candles in the summer, but who wants to make a room even hotter during those months? Not me. It’s when the weather drops and that first chill hits the air that I realize the magical time has come. I love cozy, hearty smells, and this campfire smoke candle fits the bill perfectly.

It has a wooden wick! That means it makes that delightful little crackling sound when you light it, which I really love. It also doesn’t get lost down in the wax, which is always a pain with regular candles. Oh, and this is made of soy wax, if that matters to you.

You get 10 hours of burn time. You should only burn candles for a small amount of time at once, not only because it’s unnecessary to have it going for hours but also because you don’t want to use the whole thing at once. This candle comes with 10 hours of burn time, and when you’re done, you have an awesome little camping mug to re-fill with new wax, use as a pen holder on your desk, whatever your heart desires!

The company behind the candle is a family-run business. Candeo Candle is a small business out of the Pacific Northwest, so if you love supporting independent businesses and also happen to love candles, this purchase is pretty much a no-brainer. Sorry, I have to go light mine now.

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