Camping Crocs Come With Survival Gear In Case You Get Into Trouble In The Wild

Crocs unfairly get a bad rap. Sure, they’re kind of ugly and can be a bit cumbersome to walk in when you’re not used to them, but they’re also incredibly practical, not to mention comfortable for those who are on their feet all day. If you already understand the beauty of this cult favorite footwear brand, you won’t need any convincing to try and get your hands on Camping Crocs that combine the classic clog with survival gear to help you out of sticky situations.

Camping Crocs are a collaboration between Crocs and New York-based artist and designer Nicole McLaughlin. If you’re not familiar with McLaughlin’s work, you may not know that she’s known for using unconventional materials to create incredibly wearable clothes and accessories. Working with Crocs was therefore pretty much a shoe-in (pardon the pun).

These are next-level Crocs. The comfort level of the original is still retained, but Camping Crocs have added waterproof sleeves that reach just above your ankles in case you happen to step in a puddle or get stuck in a storm. However, those sleeves are removable when not needed/wanted.

The jibbitz here are extreme. For the uninitiated, jibbitz are little attachments and charms that you can attach to your Crocs to make them more personal to you. Needless to say, the jibbitz here are off the chain. They not only come with a tiny flashlight but they also have a tiny compass, a rope strap, and a little tiny pouch for storage.

Sadly, it seems like they’re sold out pretty much everywhere. The Camping Crocs were for sale on the Project Greenhouse app as well as at the store End but they’re now unavailable. Looks like they were pretty popular, and it’s actually pretty easy to see why. I wish I’d gotten my hands on a pair!

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