Can You Laugh Your Way To Better Sex?

Have you ever watched online sex? It’s always so serious. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and it can be – you just have to loosen up a little. For you and your partner, it’s play time. Tired of boring sex where all you do is get the job done? Why not try adding a little laughter? I know it’s usually considered taboo to laugh when it comes to sex, but the people who say that usually have okay sex at best. The couples that can’t keep their hands off each other after years together know how powerful laughter is in the bedroom and anywhere else they decide to get down and dirty. Here’s why you should crack a smile with your partner if you want to heat things up.

  1. It’s great for getting in the mood. Guys often use humor to pick up women. Why?  It breaks the ice and it’s a turn on. Think about it this way: you could jump straight to the main event or have a tickle fight first. The second works better because you’re laughing, feeling more relaxed and you’re strangely turned on.
  2. It’ll erase the awkward. Weird things are going to happen while you’re having sex. There are going to be some strange noises, positions that don’t go right, and you may even fall off the bed sometimes. These things happen to everyone. You could let it ruin the moment or you could laugh it off and keep having fun.
  3. It can tighten your muscles. Try laughing or even just giggling when your guy’s inside you sometime. You might want to warn him first that you’re not laughing at him. Watch his face change as your vaginal muscles tighten and ripple with your laughter. It’s an incredible sensation for both of you.
  4. It will reduce distracting sex. Is your mind only partially on his lips against your neck? Are you more considered with world peace or that big presentation you have to make at work later in the week? Stress ruins sex. Fix that problem by laughing with each other while you’re fooling around. Yes, it is okay to make jokes and random funny comments throughout the entire process.
  5. It actually makes sex fun. Remember when I said sex should be fun? If you’re laughing, you’re having fun. You don’t have to be bent double, laughing until you can’t breathe. Laughing when he grabs your hip wrong and it tickles or giggling when you queef randomly lightens the mood and make sit more enjoyable for both of you. Having a hard time laughing? Put on a comedy in the background and problem solved.
  6. It brings you closer together. If you can’t laugh at each other, what’s the point? Laughter can be just as intimate as sex. It involves trust that you’re laughing with each other and not at each other. The more you laugh in the bedroom, the closer you’ll be. You both get more comfortable with each other. Isn’t that the point after all?
  7. You’ll feel more open to trying new things. Missionary is great, but it gets old after a while. When everything is so serious and you’re not comfortable with each other, trying new things might not seem exciting. Trying something new might mean making mistakes or feeling embarrassed. If you know you can laugh these things off, you have nothing to fear.
  8. You’ll get more energy. You might feel tired, but the moment you start laughing, you feel more energized. It’s like a shot of caffeine. Find a way to laugh more during sex and you’ll have energy to last beyond a quickie and maybe even go for round two or three.
  9. You’ll feel new sensations. Sex feels a lot different when your laughing. Even if you’re not laughing that second, that high you get from laughing makes you feel more sensitive. Think about tickling. The more you laugh, the more sensitive you are to it. Sex works the same way. Wouldn’t feeling some new sensations feel incredible?
  10. It makes you look sexier. Laughter makes you look sexy. It’s one of the reasons guys like making women laugh. You forget about trying to control your expression or maintain the perfect lady like tone. You laugh, let your guard down and look much hotter. Plus, you feel sexier too, so it’s a win-win for both of you.
  11. It proves you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t get me wrong. If you bust out laughing the moment he drops his pants, he’s probably going to be insulted. If you moan and giggle when he goes down on you, he’s going to know you’re enjoying yourself. This encourages him to keep going. If he doesn’t think you’re that into it, he’s just going to try to get things over with as quick as possible. Doesn’t longer, better sex sound more enjoyable?

Forget about being serious during sex. It’s supposed to be something fun to do together. Laugh and enjoy yourself. Better sex is just a giggle away.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book.