Candyman Says Getting It On 8-10 Times A Week Keeps Him Looking Ripped At 50

Candyman Says Getting It On 8-10 Times A Week Keeps Him Looking Ripped At 50 iStock/AtstockProductions

A former Australian footballer turned model has said that he’s still ripped and looking youthful at 50 because he stays so active in the bedroom. Travers “Candyman” Beynon said he not only drinks seven liters of water a day but also gets it on 10 times a week, which keeps him young.

  1. Of course, much of his success is down to diet and exercise. Beynon, who’s referred to by his PR team as “a multi-millionaire playboy, successful serial entrepreneur, husband, generous boyfriend to various women, doting father to 4 children, fitness fanatic, supercar collector, race car driver, and CEO of FREECHOICE,” has always looked after himself. Beynon himself admits that it’s been hard work to stay in shape. “I owe a lot of my success to the dedication to good eating and training habits over many years, never allowing excuses not to train or eat poorly,” he told LADbible. “If you can achieve this, then you can apply the same principles to work or business.”
  2. His daily schedule seems pretty intense. Candyman spends up to 90 minutes at the gym during his first session of the day, which always starts at 4:30 a.m. After that, he does a cardio session, then spends an hour or two working in his office. Sometimes he throws in a bike ride or an additional strength session in the afternoon.
  3. However, Candyman insists that more intimate activities are just as important. Given that he lives at the “Candy Shop Mansion” with his wife Taesha Beynon and his other girlfriend, Nisha Downes, there’s always someone able and willing to have some fun with him. In fact, at some points, he has up to six women living with him and his wife to participate in their polyamorous relationship.
  4. His diet plays a big part in keeping him raring to go in the bedroom. He wouldn’t have the stamina to get it up and keep it going so often if it wasn’t for following a strict meal plan. “I range between 2500 calories or 4500 calories each day, depending on how lean I want my body to be,” he explained. “These calories are broken up into Macros – ensuring I have the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.” He also allows himself one “cheat meal” a week. “Every Sunday night. We eat KFC, followed by donuts and then lots of chocolates in our cinema as we watch a movie together as a family. This is a family tradition that we have been doing for many years,” he revealed. sounds like a nice tradition.

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