If You Can’t Figure Out Why You’re Still Single, Here’s A Clue: It’s Because You’re Amazing

It’s tempting to think that you’re still alone because you’re not good enough or because of bad luck in love, but the truth is much different—you’re actually a total catch. Men can be extremely intimidated by strong, independent women, but that’s not your problem. Never feel bad for all the things that make you amazing—the right guy will love you for them.

  1. You’re smart as hell with varied interests and passions. Having interests beyond pop culture and fashion makes you well-rounded and interesting as hell. If you like to read books about astrophysics, the psychology of cult leaders, or artificial intelligence, you’re not weird, you’re a catch. It’s just that a lot of guys can’t hang. Think about it—it’s way easier to talk about Netflix than the theory that we live in a simulation created by a higher form of human beings from the future. If you’ve got sophisticated interests, the pool of guys you can date is most likely pretty tiny. Don’t dumb yourself down, though. In a world full of Scott Disicks, find your Elon Musk.
  2. You’ve got a smokin’ body and work hard for it. Being single allows you to march to the beat of your own drum. If you like to wake up at 5 am to run, you’re not disturbing anyone. If you like to eat kale and mushrooms for dinner, there’s no one whining that it tastes “too healthy.” You work hard to take care of yourself and that makes you a catch. Being single shouldn’t discourage you. Keep up the great work. Eventually, you’ll find a man who’d love to get on your grind.
  3. You like to lead when you dance. Some girls like to take the initiative and are leaders rather than followers in every aspect of life. If you’re a good dancer and like to lead, that’s not a shortcoming. That shows confidence and passion. It’s better to be single than with a man who suffers from an inferiority complex every time you forge ahead of him.
  4. Your hustling skills are off the charts. You don’t abide by rules. No one can tell you when to go to the bathroom and when to take your vacation days. This is why you work for yourself. Being a boss is really hard. You always risk to fail and lose everything, but when you win, you make it big. Being able to live like this makes you a total catch. Unfortunately, some dudes are intimidated by independence. Sucks to be them! Wait for a guy who adores you for your courage instead.
  5. You’ve got a dry, cutting sense of humor. Sadly, a dry sense of humor is exactly what makes you a catch and what baffles a lot of guys. Being sarcastic and cheeky is fun but not every girl has the intelligence and balls to pull it off. This is probably why you’re single, but don’t ever change. The man who understands your dry sense of humor will come along and he’ll love your style.
  6. You never ask for permission—you go out there and get what you want. You’re not the type to consult other people on every decision you make—if you want something, you have the drive and confidence to go out and get it. Being independent and driven makes you a catch, sure, but it’s probably also keeping you single. It’s easy to misunderstand someone’s willingness to act. If you find a great deal on flights and book it without asking your boyfriend, he might misinterpret that as a lack of consideration. In reality, you saw a good opportunity and took it.
  7. Your standards are too high. If you’ve been single for a while, it may be because your standards are too high. You won’t settle for just any dude because you aren’t the type who wants to be in a relationship just because you’re afraid of being single. You evaluate guys carefully and don’t jump into things, just as you should. It’s hard for you to find a good match, but when you do, your relationships last for a very long time.
  8. You’re not into one-night stands. You can’t deny that one-night stands have become more popular than traditional dates. Meeting a random guy at the bar and hooking up is pretty much the norm for a lot of people these days and it sucks for people who want real relationships. If you’re tired of screwing around, that’s okay. In fact, it means that you’ve reached a higher level of maturity than most people your age. There’s a guy out there who will be on the same page. Promise.
  9. You suck at playing the game. The reason you’re single could be that you’re the worst at playing mind games. When you like a guy, you’re not afraid to text him first. You don’t have to go out with a guy three times to sleep with him. You act based on intuition and live in the moment. That makes you a catch. Don’t get tangled up in games. The truth is that dating has become a nightmare and we need to make it simple again.
Dayana is a passionate traveler who's been navigating foreign lands and confusing relationships since she was 16. You can read more of her work on Matador Network and her blog, Dee Across The Sea.