If You Can’t Handle My Crazy, Then GTFO

Lots of women get called “crazy” by people who want to dismiss their emotions, and I’ve definitely been included in that bunch. Still, sometimes I know I CAN act irrationally, and the result isn’t always pretty. But if you want to get the best of me, this is why you’re going to have to put up with my slightly unreasonable side every now and then:

  1. I might be crazy, but I’m not insane. I don’t freak out and break things or smash a guy’s car windows when I find out he’s cheating on me. I may raise my voice sometimes or “go off” when you’re doing something I don’t like, but that just makes me human. I’m not always going to be rational when my feelings are involved, and I’m not going to beat myself up for that.
  2. If you can’t handle me, you need to toughen up. If you can’t deal with your girlfriend getting a little loud sometimes when you’re being disrespectful, then you need to grow a thicker skin. A woman shouldn’t have to bite her tongue over things that truly matter, even if she comes off a little intense every now and again.
  3. I don’t expect you to be calm all the time. On the flip side, if I’m acting like a total bitch—which can happen sometimes—I would never expect you to sit there and take it. If you raise your voice at me or send me some strongly worded texts, I’m not going to assume you’re a crazy person. Instead, I’m going to do my best to check myself before assuming that you’re the one with a problem.
  4. The right guy would accept my flaws, not judge me for them. Maybe my overzealous nature isn’t exactly warranted all the time, but I’m a person just like anyone else. I’m not going to be perfect. If you expect everyone in your life to be flawless all the time, you’re just not the right guy for me; I can’t deal with judgmental jerks.
  5. I don’t want to be someone’s perfect girlfriend. I want to be someone’s real girlfriend, and that might mean I act irrationally sometimes. If I were perfect, I wouldn’t be me, and I like who I am. If you’re looking for a paint-by-number partner, you’re better off dating a robot.
  6. It just shows that I actually give a crap. If I’m raising my voice or getting mad at you for behavior that I don’t agree with, it means I care about you. You shouldn’t be worried about my crazy, because if I’m not acting a tad nuts, I’m not in love. You should be worried about my silence when you’re acting like a douchebag, because that means I’m no longer invested in you.
  7. I don’t get crazy over nothing. I’m not going to get pissed at you for being five minutes late to dinner or texting in the middle of movie night. The things I go off about are valid problems that actually cause me to feel emotionally unsettled, and that’s the only reason I say anything to begin with. I’m a pick-your-battles kind of woman, so you should know that if I’m acting weird, it’s for good reason.
  8. At least I keep things interesting. One thing’s for sure: I’ve been called “crazy” so many times that I’m 100 percent certain I’m not boring. I’m just crazy enough to give you some push back now and again. If that’s not what you’re into, then you can move it along.
  9. I need a guy who can take what I dish out. I love a guy who is sensitive enough to be in touch with his feelings, but will also take what I say with a grain of salt when I’m angry. I would never date someone who made me feel like my emotions were invalid, but I also need someone who can ride out the storm when I get way too upset over something silly.
  10. I hope you’re a little crazy, too. I don’t want some plain, boring guy who has the ability to stay cool, calm, and collected at all times. I want someone who’s passionate enough about his feelings to say them out loud, even if they don’t always come out right. If you can deal with my occasional explosions, I’ll be more than happy to deal with yours.
Angelica Bottaro is a freelance writer and aspiring novelist based out of Toronto. She is an avid reader and music lover and enjoys getting lost in the written word and meaningful melodies.