If He Can’t Handle Your Strength, Don’t Put Up With His Weakness

Although there are lots of guys out there who actively look for strong women, there are many others who simply can’t deal with having a partner who’s just as tough as they are. But rather than putting up with such garbage, this is why you should leave these weak men behind and go for someone who celebrates your strength:

  1. You shouldn’t be with a man who’s scared of you. By now, you’ve probably figured out for yourself that there are a whole load of men out there who find the very notion of a strong woman terrifying. It’s as though independent ladies somehow threaten their manhood. They can’t save you, they can’t bribe you with money or security — they’ve got nothing on you. You can do so much better.
  2. You should never pretend to be less than you are. When you really like a guy, you might be tempted to hide your strength away to make him feel more “like a man.” Don’t. Your strength is a gift: one that you’ve given yourself. Don’t waste it by pretending like it’s not there just to make some weak dude feel better about himself.
  3. Your self-reliance shouldn’t be a threat to him. When you reveal yourself to be the self-sufficient woman you are, he shouldn’t complain about it or try to “put you in your place.” When a guy wants to keep you down, it’s because he feels small. Little boys feel oppressed by women’s strength, while grown men love to date people who can hold their own.
  4. A good partner will build you up. Relationships aren’t about keeping one another down. They’re about allowing the other person to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. If he’s trying to extinguish your spark, maybe it’s time you showed him the door.
  5. You don’t need to play into a man’s “white knight” fantasy. There are some guys out there who won’t be happy until they’ve ‘rescued’ their damsel in distress and saved her from being —*gasp*— alone. Those guys are total douches who are riding high on an ego trip. We all want a little support sometimes, but never date someone who just wants to be with you for the hero complex it gives him.
  6. If he tries to change you, that’s hella controlling If he tries to squeeze you into a mold and transform you into this meek little wallflower he’s been fantasizing about, you need to run. Just get up, head for the door, and never look back. Being in a controlling relationship will mess with your head more than you know.
  7. Weak men try to bring women down to their level. The only ridiculous reason any man would want you to be weak is because he is weak. When a guy feels powerless, he lashes out at other people. Don’t let this guy treat you like an emotional punching bag.
  8. Your strength is your greatest asset. Think about how far you’ve gotten in life —the things you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve overcome, the battles you’ve fought and won. You wouldn’t have done half of that stuff if it wasn’t for your strength. It’s the very thing that makes you the awesome lady you are today. Ditching it for some guy you like is a bad move.
  9. You should date your equal. Do you honestly want to date a guy who’s less than you? Do you want to carry him emotionally, financially, and mentally through life? Don’t let this loser manipulate you like that. It’s BS, and you need to see that before you get in too deep.
  10. One day, you’ll find a guy who appreciates it. There are guys out there who love strong women for all the right reasons. Quit wasting your time with someone who wants a mere sidekick and find yourself a real partner. Once you’re with someone who adores that resilient side of you, you’ll wonder how you ever even considered settling for less.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.