If I Can’t Have You All The Way, I Don’t Want You At All

For a while I remained hopeful that things would change, but I realize now that you’ll never be able to give me everything I need. Because of this, as hard as it is to say, I know there’s nothing left for us. I care about you and our time together has been amazing, but I won’t sit back and let you take advantage of my feelings any longer. I’m looking for real love and I won’t accept anything less. If I can’t have you all the way, I don’t want you at all.

  1. I want a love I can label. I’m sick of almost relationships and tying my feelings up into guys that aren’t willing to step up to the plate and give me what I deserve. I want a guy who isn’t afraid to call me his girlfriend and who wants to build a real future with me that starts from an honest place. I just can’t waste my time anymore.
  2. I want to start working towards a real future with someone. I’d like to grow and build with someone who wants the same things from life as I do. I want all of those steps in the right direction, like saying I love you for the first time, meeting the families, moving in together and working towards the bigger picture. If you can’t even imagine a fraction of those steps with me, I won’t be sticking around at all.
  3. I want a guy who can see me as his wife someday. I don’t need a ring on my finger tomorrow or anytime soon. I do, however, deserve someone who really does picture me in his near and distant future and could imagine me as his partner in life. I’m at the age now where if you aren’t thinking about forever, it’s possible you never will and I want someone who is as sure of what he wants in his future as I am.
  4. I need to save my energy for the guy who wants what I want too. There’s no point in either of us wasting our energies with each other when this isn’t going to go anywhere or turn into anything real. If we aren’t the ones for each other, no matter how much fun things may be and how well we get along, I need to keep moving towards the guy I’m truly looking for whose heart in the same place as mine.
  5. Maybe it was just timing, but we aren’t meant to be. Maybe it’s just a simple fact of the bad timing, but all I know is that if you’re not in the same mental space I am and not ready to take things further, I can’t torture myself anymore. I’m not a halfway in, halfway out the door kind of woman and I never will be. It’s clearly just not meant to be for us.
  6. I’m ready for more than what you can give me. I could stick around and allow the minimum just to keep what I have with you going, but I want so much more and it’s not fair to me to stay. I know you’ll try to convince me that you’re just not ready, but I view love more simplistically than that. If you truly give a crap about me, you won’t let me walk away.
  7. Even if valid, excuses are still just excuses. I’ve heard every excuse in the book and I’m too smart to buy into the BS anymore. Even if your reasoning is honest, it’s still not honest of me to stick around and hope for more or hope that you might change your mind. I want a guy who I don’t need to convince that I’m worth it — he should already know.
  8. I want a love I don’t need to question. If I stay with you and let things play out, I’ll always be on guard about what you can’t give me and I won’t put myself through the emotional mess that comes with being an almost girlfriend. I realize that these things take time, but I feel like I’ve given you more than enough time to figure it out. I know what I want and I can’t wait forever for you to figure yourself out.
  9. I won’t be the girl who waits around. I’ve played the waiting game before and all it’s led me to is a broken heart. Love shouldn’t be this complicated when it’s the real deal. It either is or it isn’t something that you want forever. It’s that simple.
  10. I’m going to find my love story — it’s just not with you. Saying goodbye might be tough, but I know it’s honestly for the best. You might be able to fool another girl into sticking with you when you’re not capable of giving her what she truly deserves, but I won’t be that girl. I’m looking for a real and true love story and it’s clear that it’s not meant to be with you. I can’t have you all the way, so I don’t want you at all.