If You Can’t Support My Dreams, I Can’t Support This Relationship

I want a man who’s confident enough in himself to be the wind in my sail, not the one thing holding me back. I have dreams and I won’t stop trying to make them come true just because Prince Charming comes knocking on my door. If you’re really “The One,” you’ll support me and my dreams — I just can’t be with a guy who doesn’t.

I want to be more than some guy’s wife. I don’t want to be the girl who’s expected to “stand behind her man” while he pursues all his dreams and mine get pushed back. I’m more than my relationship or lack thereof, thank you.

I’ll always support you — you should do the same for me. I support you completely in whatever endeavor you choose — all I’m asking is for you to do the same for me. I’m not asking you to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. If we want to build a strong partnership, we should be one another’s biggest fans.

There are no limits to what I’m capable of. My life isn’t just about finding a husband and popping out a few kids — not if I don’t want it to be. It’s my decision how to live my life, and it’s your job as my partner to root me on. If I want more, then I deserve more, and I really want a guy who believes that.

You should care about my happiness as much as I do about yours. I won’t be happy settling for a lesser version of myself. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice all of my other dreams just to be with the man of my dreams. I care about making you happy and hope that you feel the same about me.

My dreams matter just as much as yours or anyone else’s. This really should go without saying and hopefully with the right guy, it will. We both deserve to feel fulfilled, and the best way to make that happens is for us to push one another to achieve everything we set our minds and hearts to. Finding such a supportive, symbiotic relationship is a dream in itself!

I want a guy who sees my potential and pushes me to reach it. I want a guy who will stand by my side and always push me to be my best. I’m not interested in a man who wants me to settle for a mediocre life. I want a relationship with a guy who wants to grow together, not one who’s afraid to see me shine. If we both work together, we can do anything.

I shouldn’t have to give up my life just to be with you. My career is important to me, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a big part of my life, so why should I have to give it up for a relationship? I would never ask that of a guy and I couldn’t be with someone who asked or expected that of me. There’s more to my life than a relationship status, and that’s one thing that will never change.

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