Captain Morgan Has Released An Orange Vanilla Twist Rum That’s Good Enough To Drink On The Rocks

You’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future and can only venture outside to pick up essentials like groceries and medication… and liquor (hey, if it’s on the shelf when you’re getting your bread and eggs, what’s the harm?). Thankfully, Captain Morgan’s Orange Vanilla Twist rum is here to keep you company in these trying times and it’s so good, you may want to drink it straight.

It’s like an alcoholic creamsicle! For some reason, vanilla and orange just work so well together, and Captain Morgan is smart enough to realize it. Their Orange Vanilla Twist rum combines those delicious flavors with their classic rum for a drink that’s super unique and uniquely delicious. Drink of summer, anyone?

This is a tasty way to get a buzz. The ABV of Captain Morgan’s Orange Vanilla Twist rum is 30%, which is just under the 35% ABV of the original flavor. However, that means it also packs a punch in terms of getting drunk, so you’ll probably want to pace yourself here.

Drink it alone or mix it up! This is tasty enough to pour over ice and drink on its own, and hats off to you if that’s the direction you decide to take things. However, it’s also just as good if you mix it with something like Coca-Cola or even add some club soda/seltzer to it. The world is your alcoholic oyster here!

This is likely going to be limited edition, so you’ll need to stock up. The bottle design on Captain Morgan’s Orange Vanilla Twist rum seems to suggest it’s around for summer-only, and while they’ve blessed us by releasing it early, it probably won’t stick around for too much longer. In other words, you’ll want to make sure you grab as many bottles as your arms can carry if this is something you really like the sound (and taste) of.

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