Captain Morgan’s New Sliced Apple Rum Is The Fall Drink Of Dreams

Captain Morgan’s New Sliced Apple Rum Is The Fall Drink Of Dreams Captain Morgan

Generally speaking, I feel like rum is a summery drink. Mix it up with some pineapple juice and you’ve got yourself a tropical cocktail that can’t be beat. However, Captain Morgan’s new Sliced Apple Rum is aiming to take the alcohol into the autumn and beyond – and frankly, I’m here for it.

  1. It’s everything you love about Captain Morgan rum with a seasonal twist. The brand’s Sliced Apple offering combines their Original Spiced Rum with not just the “juicy and crisp taste of fresh cut apples” but a hint of ginger too. If that doesn’t make you think of cozy fall nights, I don’t know what will.
  2. The brand hopes to create happy memories with the drink. As Sam Salameh, Vice President of Captain Morgan said in a press release, “Captain Morgan has always been about uniting the crew and creating lasting memories. These days, we all could benefit from a little more fun in our lives – there’s always more fun to be had with Captain Morgan, and the crisp, fall-inspired flavor of Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is the latest proof of just that.”
  3. It packs some serious ABV heat. Perhaps the best part of Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Rum is the fact that it contains 35% ABV. That’s pretty intense! It also means that a glass or two of any seasonal punches or cocktails will likely have you feeling pretty tipsy, and I think we could all use that kind of escape every once in a while, especially now.
  4. It’s available in stores now. If you live in the US or Canada, you’re in luck. The 750ml bottles of Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Rum are now on store shelves wherever alcohol is sold. The bottles retail for $16.99 though I’m sure you’ll be able to find a few deals depending on where you shop. Happy drinking!
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