These Cartoon-Style Backpacks Are Like A Comic Strip Come To Life

If you love the idea of having unique accessories that express your fun-loving, carefree personality, you NEED one of these backpacks. They’re made to look like a comic strip drawing come to life and they’re one of the craziest (and most awesome) things you’ll see today.

They come in a variety of colors. Whether you’re into green, blue, pink, or red, the bags, which are made from a mixture of cotton and canvas, come in whatever you like best. Plus, given that they’re so inexpensive (less than $30), you can buy more than one color and have several to match a bunch of different outfits.

They’re unisex, so not just for women. If they’re not your thing but there’s a guy in your life you think would love this, that’s cool—there’s nothing overtly feminine or masculine about these bags so they’re literally great for anyone and everyone.

They’ll fit your laptop, books, or even gym clothes in them. My partner uses his for his gym clothes and he absolutely loves it. While the bag is narrower than your standard backpack, it’s large enough that it can still fit your laptop, your workout gear, or whatever else you need in it without a struggle.

They’re a super unique accessory that no one around you will have. Both myself and my partner have had so many compliments on our bags and everyone always asks where we got them. I have no doubt that they’re going to get more popular soon, but for now, I kinda feel like I’m ahead of the trend a bit.

They’ll make you feel like a kid again. Makes sense given that they’re made in the style of a comic strip drawing. The effect is pretty impressive—I literally own one of these and can tell you that they’re really striking in person and make you feel like your eyes are playing tricks on you. Basically, they’re just a lot of fun.


Buy your jump-style cartoon backpack HERE.

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