The Catholic Church Is Building An Exorcism Center After A ‘Surge In Possessions’

The Catholic Church is building a state-of-the-art exorcism center in the Philippines after experiencing what it describes as a “surge in possessions.” The center will be based at the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Liberation and Exorcism in Manila and will be the first of its kind in Asia, Metro reports.

  1. More people than ever before are needing exorcisms. The Catholic Church attributes the rise in possessions to the Covid-19 pandemic, though it’s unclear what about the pandemic might have caused demonic possession in those affected. However, church officials believe it may be easier for demons to take hold given the mental and physical strain the pandemic has had on many.
  2. Priests will be trained specifically to work at the center. The Church plans to train priests in the practice of expelling demons and will also designate a specific site to perform the exorcism. The new center will have many of these rooms along with rooms for counseling and interviews.
  3. There are roughly 10 reports a day of possession. Father Jose Francisco Syquia, director of the archdiocese and chief exorcist, says that “spiritual disturbances” are pretty common and he hears of about 10 cases per day. While only 20% of people who have an exorcism experience “full possession,” the rest are on people who are “harassed physically” by spirits.
  4. Father Syquia believes the center is needed now more than ever. “A product of more than seven years of prayers, planning, and fundraising, this will be the first of its kind in Asia, if not the world,” he says. “This center will minister to those in bondage to the devil who are therefore the people in poverty are usually overlooked.”


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