Here’s Why You Should Celebrate Every Rejection In Dating

That guy you fell hard for didn’t call you back? Congratulations! You might be skeptical, but honestly, there are plenty of reasons you should be glad to be rejected. Here are 11 to consider the next time it happens to you.

  1. You dodged a bullet. You never know, you might have dodged a bullet by getting rejected by this guy. He might be a total loser or have wasted your time. Maybe there were even signs that he was going to be bad boyfriend material, so it’s worth jogging your brain to remember them. On the other hand, maybe you’ll stay friends with the guy and see what he’s really like when he dates other women. It might shock you to see what a cruel guy or player he is, and you’ll thank the universe that you didn’t get with him.
  2. You might meet someone better. You know when you really want something but you don’t get it, and then you find something even better? Yeah, it happens so just remember that not getting this relationship could be prepping you for an even better one. If you got this guy, you might have missed out on the opportunity to date someone else who’s so much better for you.
  3. Life has other things in store. So you didn’t get the guy and you’re still single. Who cares? Life probably has better things in store for you. It could be an exciting career move to another country or a holiday with your best girls. Be open to the possibilities.
  4. It makes you tougher. I know it sounds like a cliche, but you really do become stronger as a person when you hear the word “no” said to you. It makes you more resilient and that’s super empowering. It also means that the next time you hear it, it will affect you less.
  5. It makes you focus on why you’re actually awesome. You might have the tendency to think of yourself negatively after getting rejected, but honestly, you should use this time to remember why you’re so amazing. This is a valuable opportunity to cultivate self-love, and that’s much more important than the love you get from other people.
  6. It makes you think about what you really want. This guy wasn’t meant for you, so it’s time to think about who is. Think about what you really want from a partner so you stop choosing the people who just aren’t right for you. After all, he didn’t reject you because there’s something wrong with you but because you’re just not right for each other. It happens. When viewed from that angle, it’s clear that his rejection isn’t anything personal.
  7. It makes you human. Instead of trying to hide how you feel about getting rejected, you should actually get in tune with those emotions. Feel the fear, the anger, the sadness. Let your tears fall and don’t be ashamed of them. This is a beautiful thing because nothing humbles you more than rejection. It makes you more real. It’s the gateway emotion to getting you in tune with what’s really happening inside of you.
  8. It shows you who you really are. Are you going to get back at the guy who rejected you by taking revenge on him? Or are you going to pick yourself up and move on with your fabulous life? Low moments really carve out the real you, but the beauty is that you get to decide who you’re going to be. Instead of letting rejection define you, let it push you to something greater. That’s when you turn the rejection around.
  9. It makes it less scary. Everyone is scared about being rejected or being on the receiving end of the latest dating trend, like ghosting. When it happens, it’s actually a blessing because it’s a way to face the demon, so to speak. You realize rejection actually isn’t that bad and you stop being so terrified of it. No matter what happens, you know that you’ll be OK.
  10. You realize you don’t actually need him. After dealing with your feelings regarding the rejection, and perhaps getting over the guy who hurt you, you’ll realize an important truth: You don’t actually need that guy or any man, for that matter. You can be more than fine without him. Maybe it took being rejected by him to teach you that valuable lesson.
  11. Someday it’ll make sense. Another cliche, but bear with me. When you don’t get the love you think you deserved, you might feel terrible. But that feeling won’t last forever. It’s worth bearing in mind that someday you’re going to realize why that person wasn’t meant to be yours. And honestly? There’s probably a really amazing reason for it, so don’t lose hope. Rejection isn’t failure—besides, failure is good for you. You’re not to blame for someone turning down the opportunity to date you. It’s actually just life saying, “Keep moving, nothing to see here, come on you can do better. Chill, I got this.”
Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.