This Ceramic Elephant Tea Mug Has Built-In Tea Bag Storage

My tastes are ever-changing in life, but there are a couple of things that have my eternal devotion, no questions asked: animals and tea. Because of this, you can imagine how excited I was to discover this ceramic elephant mug that’s super adorable and also extra useful since there’s a separate compartment to store the steeped tea bag in when you’re done. (Admittedly, I usually just drop them onto a tissue beside my mug.)

  1. It’s made from heat-resistant ceramic. That means even after you pour boiling water into it, you’ll still be able to drink your tea piping hot without burning yourself or damaging the mug itself. It’s also a gorgeous seafoam-y green color, which I think is totally charming.
  2. Your tea bag goes in the elephant’s head! Sure, you could just brew your tea in the kitchen and then drop the bag into the trashcan, but if you don’t feel like standing around for a proper steep (which can be up to five minutes depending on what type of tea you’re having), then fill ‘er up and take this bad boy to the couch/your desk/etc. knowing you’ll be able to discard of the bag in the mug itself.
  3. It holds 10 oz, so that’s a decent cup of tea. I mean, you could even put your morning coffee in this and forgo using the teabag compartment (or you can fill that compartment with, I don’t know, a couple of Cheerios or something, haha).
  4. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe. That means it’s easy to clean when you’re done with it and that you can re-heat drinks in it without worrying that it’s going to crack or break altogether. While I wouldn’t recommend microwaving tea or coffee, it’s still good to have options.
  5. It’s perfect either as a gift or for yourself. If you know an animal/tea lover, this would be the best gift ever. It’s even a great way just to treat yourself. After all, it may be hot outside at the moment, but colder days are around the corner and you want to be prepared, don’t you?

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