The Chambong Is Part Champagne Flute, Part Bong—And You Need It Now

Have you ever been sipping away on a glass of champagne and thought, “Man, if only I could gun this from a giant glass bong!”? You’re in luck, because the Chambong is totally a thing you can buy on Amazon and you need it ASAP.

  1. They’re technically “bubble butlers.” I don’t even know what that means, so I think I’ll stick with referring to it as the Chambong since that sounds so much cooler anyway. However, the general idea is that they’re a way for you to down your champagne quickly while looking awesome doing it.
  2. Beer bongs are a thing, so why not champagne bongs? Seriously, beer bongs were all the rage back in college, so it’s about time someone took things up a classy notch and brought champagne into the game.
  3. They’re made of acrylic plastic so you don’t have to worry about breakage. If you’re clumsy, especially after you’ve had a few drinks, then you’ve probably broken a champagne flute or a wine glass or two. With the Chambong, that won’t happen because it’s not made of glass. Don’t pop them in the dishwasher, though—hand-washing is recommended.
  4. It holds up to 6 oz. of liquid. I say “liquid” because while these are technically champagne bongs, you can also do sparkling wine or even Diet Coke, if that’s your bag. What about iced coffee? Might come in handy on a Monday morning…
  5. There are 5 in a pack, so your parties are about to get a whole lot more interesting. What can you do with five Chambongs? Throw a raging party, that’s what. Grab a few bottles of your favorite beverage, fill ‘er up, and get ‘er done. You’re guaranteed to have a whole lot of fun doing it—just be smart about your drinking and don’t overdo it. Getting sloppy and having a hangover the next morning is NOT a good look.

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