Charcuterie Cones Are The New Snacking Sensation That We Can All Get Behind

Listen, I am all about snacking boards. Whether you’re hitting it up with cheese and crackers or even s’mores, I’m all about piling a bunch of delicious foods on a wooden plank and just having at it. However, now there’s a new, smarter way to chow down on your favorite continental meats and fromage. They’re called charcuterie cones and somehow, food just got cute!

Charcuterie cones solve the portion problem. I mean, maybe “problem” is too strong of a word for this, but one of the things that sucks about boards is that if you’re sharing with a few other people, they might eat all your favorite things before you get to them. With charcuterie cones, everyone gets a little bit of everything so you can chow down at your leisure.

These are great party favors! Yes, you can still set snacking boards out, but serving up a ton of charcuterie cones is just super cute and shows off your crafty side. You can even get stands to hold all the cones so everyone can come up and grab one whenever they want.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you fill them with. Maybe you want to do a sweet cone instead of a charcuterie cone. Fill ‘er up with chocolate, fruit, etc. Maybe you want to keep it traditional with some meat, cheese, breadsticks, and crackers. That’s great too! Whatever you can fit in there, you can do, just like on your platters.

No one can say no to cute ways of arranging food. Frankly, you could just drop it all on a pile on a paper plate and I’d still be into it, but charcuterie cones just ooze class. They show that you’re totally into homemaking and you’re thoughtful as hell about your snacking and that can only be a good thing.

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