Chardonnay Go Is The Ultimate Party Game For Wine Lovers

I’ve always been a big board game lover, but I get sick of playing the same ones over and over again whenever I throw a dinner party or go to a friend’s place. Because of that, I started looking for more unconventional games to play. That’s how I discovered Chardonnay Go, and given my intense love of wine, I knew I was onto something amazing.

It’s more than a board game. I mean, technically speaking, it is just a board game, but it’s also nothing like other games you’ve played before. It combines board game principles with some NSFW charades centered around wine, and the results are hilarious.

It has some pretty amazing accessories. Chardonnay Go comes with 140 Challenge Cards, 6 player barrels, and a Wine B*tch Necklace. Will you get to wear the necklace? You’ll have to win the game first. Doing so isn’t that hard if you’re shameless and willing to do what it takes to make it to the top…

If you’re basic and you know it, this is for you. I have no shame in being basic as hell. In fact, I embrace it. That’s one of the reasons I love Chardonnay Go so much. Some of the game squares are hilarious because they’re so cringey. For instance, one of them says “You sound like your mother, move back 1.” Like, what? It’s amazing!

It’s not just for moms. Some people seem to think Chardonnay Go was geared towards moms, and while moms can certainly find a lot to relate to and have fun with in the game, you definitely don’t need kids (nor do you even need to be a woman) to enjoy this. And hey, if you have a few bottles of wine handy, literally ANYONE can have an amazing time with it. Just make sure no little ones are around.

Warning: it’ll get you REALLY drunk. While Chardonnay Go isn’t strictly a drinking game, you’d be remiss in playing it without a couple of bottles handy. That’s half the fun! Go forth, pour a glass, roll the dice, and have one of the best evenings in recent memory (until the next time you play, that is).

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