Cheating Ex-Fiance Won’t Pay For Canceled Wedding Costs So Scorned Woman Sells His Family Heirloom

A woman who found out her fiance was cheating on her immediately broke things off with him and canceled the wedding. However, that meant being down $20,000 which was non-refundable, and when her ex refused to compensate her for his half at the very least, she did the only thing she could think and sold his family heirloom.

The couple was only a few weeks away from getting married. When she discovered the affair, there was no way she could walk down the aisle with him and was forced to cancel the venue booking, catering team, and loads of other services that came to roughly $20,000. Given the short notice, none of that money was refundable, as she shared in an r/AITA post.

Her cheating ex didn’t seem to care. Not only was he not bothered by the fact that he was the one in the wrong, he also didn’t care about her being out the money. She’d taken out a loan to cover the wedding but once they got married, they agreed to have shared finances so it would have easily been paid back. Not now. “I asked him if he was still willing to help and told him that I will go into debt if he doesn’t as I can’t repay it alone. He told me ‘It isn’t my problem you took out a loan you can’t pay back’ and stopped responding after that,” she wrote. He’s a real piece of work!

OP had to take matters into her own hands. As she shared, her ex, Mason, “proposed to me with a family heirloom ring belonging to his great grandmother that was worth $25,000. When we canceled the wedding, he told me he wanted the ring back but we never got around to arranging a time he could pick it up.” She knew then what she had to do.

She told her ex-fiance she was planning to sell the ring. She didn’t want to go into so much debt, so she warned him that unless he helpd pay the loan off, the ring would have to go. He ignored her messages repeatedly, though OP later found out he told a friend he didn’t care about responding because he didn’t believe she would ever sell the ring. She said one more time that if she didn’t hear from him within 24 hours, the ring was going, but he attempted to call her bluff by continuing to ignore her.

OP went right ahead and sold the ring. “So the next day I sold the ring to an online website and messaged Mason to tell him it had been done and told him he shouldn’t have underestimated me. He started cussing me out, saying I didn’t scare him and that he would be around for the ring later. True to his word, he came to my house demanding the ring and I told him I sold it already and showed him the proof,” she wrote. She went on to say that her ex called her a “petty b***h” for selling a meaningful family heirloom. However, she doesn’t think she’s in the wrong at all.

People actually stood by her. In the comments section, users admitted they expected to be on the fiance’s side until they heard the whole story. Now, they think OP was justified and what she did. “I was really prepared to give a different vote, but, if you don’t want to lose a valuable family heirloom, don’t give it to someone and then cheat on them. Also, believe that person the many times they warn you that they’ll sell it to pay for a wedding that had to be canceled due to your own antics… so, yeah, NTA,” one person wrote. Another simply added: “So… he f****d around AND found out? NTA.”

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