Cheese Graveyards Are The Spookily Delicious Way To Celebrate Halloween

Snacks are good any time of year, but when you’re chowing down close to any major holiday, it’s good to make your eats seasonal, right? With Halloween being the next one on the calendar (and in my opinion, kinda the best one), I know I’m totally going to be making a cheese graveyard or two to celebrate in spookily delicious style.

Wait, what’s a cheese graveyard? It’s pretty much like your standard cheese board with plenty of fromage and accouterments like nuts, fruit, crackers, etc. The only difference is that you make things a little more Halloween-y by cutting your cheese into creepy shapes or adding snacks shaped like bats, vampires, etc.

You can get as creative as you’d like. The example above includes brie carved into a casket, cheddar shaped into crosses, and what looks like gouda or some other smoked cheese made into headstones. All of those are awesome ideas but you can literally follow your muse here and get as creepy and creative as possible!

Think of how amazing this would look at your Halloween party. Assuming it’s safe to actually have a Halloween party this year, imagine popping a couple cheese graveyards on your coffee table and serving them to your guests. They’ll be so impressed! And hey, if you can’t have a party, you could always eat it yourself. That’s what I plan on doing!

For more inspiration, look around online. For instance, the Instagram #cheesegraveyard hashtag has some pretty great submissions and could give you some more ideas and inspiration if you get stuck. (And hey, if you make one yourself, you can add your own to the mix and help out someone else).

There’s no reason to wait until October. Look, if stores are starting to sell Halloween candy, there’s no reason you can’t start to make your own cheese graveyard in August. Who’s going to judge you? Not me, that’s for sure.

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