13 Ridiculously Cheesy Love Songs That Seem Profound When You’re In Love

Love is one of the most intoxicating feelings in the world. It makes the world a lot more beautiful and livable. Even when you know exactly how it’s going to end, it can still be pretty fulfilling to walk through it and soak in all the magic. When you’re head-over-heels for someone, music can be a great way to capture those roaring waves of emotions and let them wash over you. Here are some incredible love songs that you can set your emotions to.

  1. “Arms” by Christina Perri If I had to explain what love means to me using music, this is definitely the song I’d choose. It’s for those moments when someone looks past your baggage and decides to care for you no matter what. Even when it’s difficult, especially when it’s downright impossible and you don’t even think you deserve it. This song brings you back to yourself, to the one person in the world who makes everything worth it.
  2. “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran Love isn’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it hurts. You fight and you say things that cut deep, but all of that is alright as long as you’re with the right person. In the end everything will melt away, except the promise that you’ll always have someone to come back to. “Photograph” is the anthem for every die-hard romantic out there.
  3. “The Few Things” by JP Saxe If you’re like me and you have a hard time expressing the depth of your feelings, this song says it all. It’s about knowing as surely as you count to 100, you want someone and your feelings for them are rock solid, even when you don’t always have the words or the courage to tell them that.
  4. “Steady Love” by Evergreen So you can’t get this person out of your head. They’re the last thought on your mind at night and the first name on your lips in the morning. You keep replaying every single thing they say. You feel like they see you, the you that you show publicly and the you that’s hidden away. If you’re lucky to have found a love that doesn’t make question its existence, you will definitely relate to this song.
  5. “Together” by Gabrielle Aplin As far as love songs go, this one is quite upbeat. It perfectly encapsulates those moments when you’re giddy with excitement about someone and you just want to jump up and down. You want to scream about how perfect you are together even when it sometimes feels like you’re completely different people.
  6. “Latch” by Sam Smith I don’t know what it is about Sam Smith, but every one one of his songs feels like it was written to address a specific scenario in my dating life. Every time I listen to this, I think about how every moment with my partner feels so so special. How they make my heart sing. It’s like I’m under a spell and I don’t ever want it to be broken.
  7. “Here with me” by Elina This song speaks to the urgency and euphoria that often accompanies love. It’s an appeal to stay in that place and retain that magic instead of letting life complicate things. Why worry about how things could go wrong when you can just be there with the person you love? It implores you to put all that aside and live in the moment.
  8. “Safe” by Banners There are times when everything in your life goes terribly wrong. It seems like the only way to go is down, but then you’re standing in front of the person that you love and all the problems just fade away. Suddenly, nothing hurts anymore or it hurts a lot less. And as long as you’re with them, you know you’ll be alright. This song opens a window into that feeling of safety.
  9. “Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammer I think everyone wants to know that there is someone in their corner who has their back through thick and thin. This song is cheesy, full of hope and resilience. It makes you want to fix things, to keep working at keeping your relationship afloat because that’s just what lovers do.
  10. “Halleluya” by Johnny Drille This one is for when you have a giant crush for that person, but you simply can’t bring yourself to tell them how you feel because you’re scared they won’t like you back. So you keep dreaming and hoping that they can read your mind or decide they love you and ask you out instead.
  11. “Surround Me” by Leon Sometimes we can get all up in our heads and ruin a good thing before it even starts by overthinking it. If you need an anthem to tell you it’s okay to be stupid and in love and stop second-guessing everything, Leon has got you.
  12. “Beginning” by Joeboy The beginning of a relationship is called the honeymoon phase for a reason. It’s usually so intense. You might even find yourself fighting against it and falling in love nonetheless. You want all of them for yourself and you’re starting to get jealous at the thought of them being anyone else. Well, here’s a song that understands what you’re going through.
  13. “Are you with me” by Nilu This song will speak to you if you’re in love with a person, but you’re not sure where their feelings for you stand. It’s beautiful, haunting, and full of longing.
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