These Cheez-Its Come With Built-In Boxed Wine For The Ultimate Snacking Experience

These Cheez-Its Come With Built-In Boxed Wine For The Ultimate Snacking Experience Cheez-It

If you missed out on the Cheez-It boxes that included wine a few months ago, you’re in luck because they’re back with a whole new combo. While the previous incarnation included standard Cheez-Its with a red wine blend, the latest release pairs White Cheddar Cheez-Its with boxed rosé for the perfect summer snacking experience.

  1. This is an amazingly summery twist. The classic cheddar and red wine combo was fine and all, but the summer heat is here in full force at the moment and consumers want something a little lighter, hence the rosé and white cheddar combo. It just offers something a bit more refreshing as well as delicious.
  2. Bringing back the Cheez-Its and wine box was a no-brainer. “Following the success of our first edition of Cheez-It and Wine, which sold out in minutes, we knew we had to bring the partnership back this summer with a new flavor pairing,” said senior director of marketing for Cheez-It Jeff Delonis in a statement Tuesday. “White Cheddar is a long-standing favorite of Cheez-It fans and what better match than light, refreshing rosé? Not only does it perfectly complement the cheesy goodness, it’s also the unofficial wine of summer!”
  3. They’re only available for a limited time and in limited amounts. If you want to get your hands on one of these special boxes, you’ll have to be quick and crafty. They’ll be going on sale for $29.99 from 2 p.m. on July 23. You’ll probably want to bookmark the website so that you’re ready and waiting when they go live, because there’s no doubt these are going to sell out quickly.
  4. If you miss out, you can always do your own Cheez-Its and wine combo. The Cheez-Its Instagram account put up a helpful chart recently showing which flavors of the iconic cracker go well with which kind of wine. For instance, Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its go well with Cabernet, apparently, while Zesty Cheddar Punch Cheez-Its work best with Malbec. It might be cheaper and less stressful to do your own “boxes”!
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