Keep Your Chicken Warm With This Cozy Christmas Sweater Made Especially For Them

As the colder weather sets in, we’re all layering up in cozy sweaters and hanging out under blankets in our nice warm houses. But what about your pet chickens? Despite the fact that a chicken is covered in feathers, it still can get cold when the temperatures drop, which is why these cozy Christmas sweaters made just for the fowl in your life are such a great buy.

It’s a bestseller. Believe it or not, AnimalFunAndFashion, the Dutch Etsy shop behind the sweaters, has been shipping chicken sweaters out like crazy and the product is listed as a bestseller on the eCommerce site. Crazy, right? Who knew that many people even have chickens?!

Why shouldn’t chickens get to celebrate the holidays too? The sweater is a little crocheted red number with Santa buttons on little pocket-thingies (yes, that’s an official term) on the front. It also has an adorable little furry white collar, but don’t worry, this isn’t just for hens — male chickens could appreciate this as well.

The seller will even make them in custom colors if you want. While the standard chicken Christmas sweater is red and white, the seller, Gerda, does state in the item description that if you want a particular color, you can email her and she’ll see what she can do about getting you a custom chicken sweater made. Pretty sweet!

They come in various sizes. The sweaters start at $15.05 for XS and go up to $16.21 for Small, $17.37 for Medium, and $18.52 for Large. Considering these are hand-made items, that’s a total bargain. Where else will you be able to get a Christmas sweater for your chicken? Nowhere.

It ships internationally! Just because you’re not in Europe doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in the chicken sweater goodness. The seller will ship the sweaters internationally, though you will have to pay for shipping. A fair trade-off for what you’re getting, I’d say! Grab your chicken sweater HERE.

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