These Chicken Leg Socks Will Make You Look Clucking Hilarious—Get It?

I don’t care how old you are, you’re never too grown-up for novelty socks. Whether you prefer yours with cute animals or sassy sayings, there’s nothing a good pair of crazy hosiery can’t fix. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best pair ever, though, because chicken leg socks are totally a thing and I think we can all agree we need them.

Imagine these with a skirt! Because the long chicken leg socks will come nearly to your knees (or actually there, depending on how short you are), they’d be pretty incredible to wear with a skirt. I mean, I’m not recommending you do that if you’re going to work or anywhere you need to be taken seriously, but Halloween is coming and you probably haven’t picked a costume yet…

They’re cheap and cheerful. You can get a pair of chicken leg socks for under $10 with delivery, and while they may take a couple of weeks to arrive (they’re being shipped from overseas from the looks of it), I’m pretty sure they’re going to be worth the wait.

Who doesn’t love chickens? I mean, they’re not my favorite animal by any means (I’m more of an elephant person, to be honest) but they’re pretty awesome and they make delicious eggs. Apparently there are more chickens on earth than there are humans, which I guess makes sense in a weird way. Anyway, if you too love eggs, show the chickens some respect by wearing these socks, I guess.

They’re basically the perfect gift. Whether you’re getting them for your boyfriend, your best friend, your sibling, or pretty much anyone who has an awesome sense of humor, they’re going to love these. Chicken leg socks aren’t necessarily ubiquitous, so chances are the recipient of your amazing gift will be shocked that something so cool exists. Worth it!

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