Chicken Nugget Bouquets Just Might Be The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re singled or coupled up, forget the flowers or chocolate. You can treat yourself to those/get those from your partner any time of year. In 2020, let’s take things to the next level with chicken nugget bouquets — and don’t forget the BBQ sauce!

  1. Nothing says “I love you” quite like chicken nuggets. Food is my love language. I love to cook for people I care about and share meals with them. Because of this, chicken nugget bouquets are basically my dream gift both to give and receive.
  2. It’s really easy to put together. Seriously, it couldn’t be simpler. Grab a 20-piece McNuggets from McDonald’s (or wherever you prefer your nuggets from), get some wooden skewers, stick the nuggets on the sticks, arrange them into bouquets, and give them to the one you love, even if that person is yourself.
  3. You could even add some fries as an extra accessory. You know how bouquets of flowers have baby’s breath added in to give them body and volume? French fries can serve the same purpose with chicken nugget bouquets, but if you go this route, it’s probably even more important to deliver yours while it’s still fresh. No one likes soggy fries.
  4. This doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day. Just because February 14 is just around the corner doesn’t mean you can only give chicken nugget bouquets for V-Day. This gift would be appreciated for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other occasion in which eating chicken nuggets would be appropriate (so, I don’t know, every day?).
  5. You can use any food you’d like. Donut bouquets and pickle bouquets already exist, but really you can use any food you’d like in your arrangement if the recipient isn’t that into chicken nuggets. Cheeseburgers might be difficult, but Snickers bars, croissants, and pretty much any other snack you can think of would work. Give it a go and let your creativity fly!

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