These Chicken Tutus Will Keep Your HensLooking Runway-Ready

If you’ve ever been enjoying a lovely afternoon, sitting on your back porch sipping on iced tea and looking at your chickens when you suddenly thought, “Man, my chickens would look pretty great in tutus,” then you’re in luck. Amazon is selling chicken tutus that will make your hens look ready for New York Fashion Week in no time.

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  1. Dressing up your pets is half the fun of having them. I don’t have chickens but I do have a dog, and there’s nothing I love more than making the dog wear cute clothes and accessories (admittedly sometimes against his will, haha). Animals are just so adorable—how can we not want to put them in leather jackets and glasses or even tutus?
  2. This is the pet accessory we never knew we needed. Created by Etsy seller ThimbleWorks, these amazing chicken tutus are bright, colorful, and pretty hilarious. You can’t look at a chicken in a tutu and not smile, right? They’re made of “high quality black elastic and tulle netting” and should be hand-washed only.
  3. They’re not just for small hens. The tutus are available in a variety of sizes including Bantam, standard, or LF chicken. I don’t know enough about chickens to know what that means, but it’s good to know that no matter the size of your bird, they can enjoy a tutu.
  4. They’re not meant to be left on your chickens when they’re unattended. While they likely don’t pose any serious danger to your flock should they go running off in their tutus, the seller recommends that you remove them when you’re not watching the birds. Safety first!
  5. They’re available on Amazon too! If you’re not an Etsy user and prefer to do your purchasing through Amazon, several of the chicken tutus from ThimbleWorks are available on Amazon including a rainbow tutu, pastel rainbow tutu, and one with three shades of pink. Frankly, if I had chickens, I’d buy them all.

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