Chill Out — 8 Times You Just Need To Let It Go

Chill Out — 8 Times You Just Need To Let It Go ©iStock/Tixti

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a saying that all of us could take to heart a little more. Some things just aren’t worth reacting to at all. We all deal with crap that’s frustrating and hurtful, but sometimes it’s healthier to get over it and, as Elsa would say, “Let it go.” Here are 8 situations that just aren’t worth fighting over:

  1. Your boyfriend went to the strip club for a bachelor party. He came home with glitter on his face and a few less dollar bills in his pocket. Many girls don’t love the idea of their guy throwing cash at women with their tits bouncing everywhere, but it happens. Anyway, he’s with you for a reason, so don’t question that — especially when he’s never given you a reason to not trust him.
  2. Your friends did something without you. Everyone has experienced a bit of FOMO. If your two friends went to a Ed Sheeran concert and you didn’t get the call, it sucks, but don’t take it to heart. There will be other nights where another friend isn’t invited. Sometimes members of a friend circle like to do things in a smaller pack. It’s nothing to freak out over.
  3. You got yelled at by your boss at work. You messed up and got reprimanded. You walk out of your boss’s office with red cheeks and bruised dignity, but it’s not something to stress about. If they’re yelling, at least they care. Get your act together and fix it.
  4. Someone broke something of yours. You let your friend borrow your headphones and the next day, she texts you that they broke. No big deal. Maybe they fit your ears perfectly and didn’t fall out when you went for a job, but so what? Life goes on and there’s a Target right down the street.
  5. A silly argument turned into an actual fight. It started as something so small but then it blew up. Apologize and drop it. Nothing so small is worth your stress.
  6. They messed up your food order. They forgot your fries in your late night McDonald’s order and you didn’t realize it until you were home. WTF? Yes, those fries would have been amazing, but don’t let it ruin how amazing the cheeseburger is about to taste.
  7. That idiot who didn’t put their blinker on and pulled out in front of you. Bad drivers have the ability to ruin days, but don’t let them ruin yours. Beep your horn, get it out of your system, and move on.
  8. Someone buys something for you in a bigger size than you are. OUCH. Getting an L instead of a M on a sweater can make you question what this person thinks about your weight. Stop overthinking it. If it’s too big, return it. Hey, it might actually fit better.
Shelby is a New England girl who loves mimosas, edamame, new bras, and her Yorkie, Jack.