Chris Hemsworth Responds To Guy Who Claims People Say They Look Alike

There are plenty of people out there with celebrity doppelgangers, but it seems pretty safe to say that Justin, known as @nothinbutlag on Twitter, isn’t one of them. However, that didn’t stop him from sharing a post in which he claimed he’s often compared to Chris Hemsworth. Hilariously enough, he got a personal reply from his Hollywood twin.

Justin shared a picture of himself alongside a photo of a shirtless, ripped Chris Hemsworth. “A bunch of girls told me I look just like Chris Hemsworth haha. Do you agree?”

Loads of Justin’s 130,000 followers thought it was hilarious and said as much. However, no one thought it was funnier than Hemsworth himself, who had the best reply ever.

Chris Hemsworth retweeted Justin’s post, adding, “This guy thought he’d trick us all by posting himself twice…” The actor’s reply came on Valentine’s Day, and I can’t think of a more romantic gift.

Many people speculated that Hemsworth was trying to do Justin a solid by replying on Valentine’s Day. Assuming Justin is single (and that Hemsworth knew that), seeing an A-lister putting your photo on blast like that would see your DMs fill up fast. Chances are, he would have had a few takers who would do anything to get close to a celeb doppelganger.

However, it’s more likely that he just thought it was hilarious and being a good sport. Whatever the reason, the internet got a good laugh from such a heartwarming story.

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