Murderer Chris Watts Is Getting ‘Racy Love Letters’ From Female ‘Fans’ In Jail

Chris Watts may be serving three consecutive life sentences for the murders of his pregnant wife, Shannan, and their two young daughters, but that hasn’t stopped many women from writing to the killer behind bars and proclaiming their undying love for him. According to ABC7, prosecutors in the case have released dozens of letters that so-called female fans have written to Watts, and much of what they say to him truly beggars belief and makes you wonder what on earth is wrong with them.

These women believe he’s a good person despite the monstrous crimes he committed. As one woman wrote to him: “In my heart, I know you are a great guy. If you do write me back I’d be the happiest girl alive, that’s for sure #teamchris #chrisisinnocent #lovehim #socute.” A different woman penned: “I’ve found myself thinking a lot about you.” She included a photo of herself in a bikini and professed to wanting to “brighten [Watts’] days.” Yikes!

This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Watts isn’t the first murderer to attract female fans who find themselves drawn to him despite how terrible he is. Lest we forget, the likes of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy had plenty of women after them. The condition of being attracted to criminals like this even has a name – hybristophilia.

Even Nancy Grace is confounded by the women who are into Watts. As she said on her Crime Stories podcast episode about Watts: “My point is, who are these nuts that are ‘in love’ with him? … He didn’t have a trial, he pled guilty under oath, he admitted he’s guilty. He’s not innocent deep, deep down inside. Who are these people?!” I wonder the same thing!

Sadly, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever stop getting this kind of attention. While there’s not much he can do about it from behind bars, no doubt being fawned over by these women will be providing quite the ego boost to this narcissistic, cruel human being.

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