Christina Ricci Reveals Her 8-Year-Old Son Still Sleeps In The Same Bed With Her

Christina Ricci has admitted that her 8-year-old son Freddie still sleeps in the same bed with her. The Yellowjackets actress, who also has a 9-month-old daughter named Cleopatra, shared her kids’ sleeping arrangements in an interview with People published this week.

Cleopatra sleeps in her own crib but Freddie stays with his mom. “The fact that I can put her down in her crib and she just goes to sleep when my 8-year-old still sleeps with me is amazing,” Ricci said.

Sleep training Freddie was never successful. Ricci went on to say that while she tried to get Freddie to sleep independently in his younger years, it never worked and she couldn’t bear hearing him cry. “He screamed himself hoarse and started banging his head against the crib railing,” she recalled.

Thankfully, Cleo seems to have taken to it much more easily. Ricci went on to say that she thankfully hasn’t struggled as much when it comes to getting Cleo into her own crib at night. “But with Cleo, when we decided to try it and see how she would react to it, she just sort of whined for about seven minutes and then laid down, clutched her little unicorn and went to sleep,” she said. “It was like she was ready and she wanted to do it, and it was right for her.”

Not everyone would approve of the sleeping arrangements but it works for her. Christina Ricci doesn’t mind having her son close to her in bed. After all, there will come a day when he doesn’t want to even hang out with her, let alone sleep with his mom at night. She’s likely grateful that she can enjoy these bonding moments with him now while he’s still young. When he’s ready, he’ll hop into his own bed at night.

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