Christmas Hair Is The Perfectly Festive Way To Celebrate The Holidays

Christmas trees, garlands, and strings of lights are wonderful holiday decorations and are likely already up around your house and even the office. However, why shouldn’t your festive spirit be displayed on your actual body too? The next time you put on your ugly Christmas sweater, switch it up and add in some beautiful Christmas hair while you’re at it.

Have you ever seen such amazing colors? The rose, gold, and green tones in the hair you see above are the creation of Michigan-based colorist, Jasmine VanAmburg. She’s a stylist at Rock Your Locks in Saginaw and was pretty proud of her creation, as she should be! The colors aren’t only seasonally appropriate, they’re blended together so well and really look lovely.

She used Pulp Riot Hair products to make this look. It took a long time of expert blending to make sure it looked smooth and not too jarring, but she did an amazing job. Obviously, you don’t necessarily need to use that brand if you wanted to recreate this look, but given what a great job Jasmine did, it feels right to give the color brand a shout too.

You probably shouldn’t try this at home. Whether or not you feel comfortable with boxed dyes, Christmas hair is a complex look that really does require the expert work of a professional, so don’t try this at home.

It does require some upkeep too. While getting this done is a fantastic idea for the holidays, you either need to be happy with letting it fade naturally, wanting to keep it up long-term, or ready to hit up the salon again to get your hair re-dyed back to your normal color. This can get costly, of course, but frankly, I still kinda think it’s worth it for how amazing it looks.

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