This Christmas Stocking Doubles As A Flask For Your Favorite Alcohol

Hanging your stocking by the chimney with care (or, you know, on your closet door because who has mantelpieces these days?) is one of the most traditional parts of Christmas, but there’s no reason you can’t make it a little more fun by adding alcohol to the mix. Thankfully, Amazon is selling a stocking that’s also a flask, so the holidays are about to get a whole lot merrier.

Read on to find out more about the flask and where to buy it, and please be aware that Bolde could make a small percentage of sales completed via links we provide which we then use to continue bringing you great content.

  1. Just fill it up and go. Like any good flask, all you need to do here is pour, close the lid, and be on your merry way. You can take this with you anywhere and given that Christmas is coming, you’ll come off as extra seasonal. Who would guess your stocking is full of booze?
  2. It holds 2.25 Liters of alcohol. That’s a lot — it should keep you going for a while before you need a refill. Plus, if you’re not a drinker (or you’re giving one of these to a child), you can put any drink you want in it. Juice? Sure! Chocolate milk? Kinda gross, but OK! Diet Coke? Yes, please!
  3. It comes with carabiners so you can actually hang it up. Whatever you’re hanging the Christmas stocking flask from needs to be pretty strong if the flask is full since it’ll be pretty heavy. Nonetheless, you can actually hang these up for a seasonally fun display.
  4. It’s made of BPA-free plastic. While we all want to get away from using plastics in general, the truth is that pretty much everything is made of the stuff, so if you’re going to use it, it should definitely be BPA-free. (I can’t even believe they make plastic products that aren’t these days!) That being said, because it is made of plastic, you might have a bit of flavor lingering if you change from, say, wine to whiskey or something, but that’s a pretty minor inconvenience.
  5. Anyone who loves a drink will appreciate these. In addition to the Christmas tree flask being the perfect holiday decoration for your own house, it would also be a great gift for anyone in your life who appreciates a drink now and again. Who wouldn’t love it?

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