Christmas Tree Hair Is This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend

There’s nothing I love more than Christmas. It’s just so full of joy and happiness and delicious food. I love buying presents for everyone, I love sitting around listening to Christmas music while I wrap them, I love eating Christmas cookies and treats and basically everything in sight. I just love it! You know what else I love? Christmas tree hair.

  1. I don’t know who came up with this but I’m glad they did. Images have been floating around Instagram of gloriously decorated Christmas trees made out of people’s hair. The “trees” have ornaments, garland, and even lights and they look incredible. This is the best holiday trend ever!
  2. How does it work? Basically, it consists of putting a plastic bottle on top of your head and kind of pulling up and styling hair around it. YouTuber Natasha Lee has a pretty solid (and really hilarious) Christmas tree hair tutorial that’s worth checking out if you want to try this yourself, and honestly, who wouldn’t?
  3. You’re going to need some pretty strong hairspray. If your hair is long enough to try this, you’ll need a massive bottle of extra hold hairspray in order to get it to stay in the tree shape. You’ll also need some elastics and potentially a neck brace because that HAS to be heavy once you put the decorations on it. WORTH IT!
  4. It’s not just for women! As the Instagram hashtag #Christmastreehair proves, men can get in on the fun too, granted their hair is long enough. And why shouldn’t they? Christmas trees don’t have a gender—they’re all about spreading holiday joy, and this hairstyle definitely accomplishes that.
  5. You’ll be the talk of your next get-together if you do this. Imagine turning up to your office Christmas party or even your family gathering with Christmas tree hair! Not only will you get some serious laughs, you’ll be remembered forever as the person with the most hilariously seasonal hair ever. Give it a try!

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